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In the blogs of those who are horse lovers, but also in horse equipment shops such as equitack offers us advice on choosing a saddle adapted to our riding sport and the morphology of the horse.

Types of stools available online

Today, we will analyze this type of saddle for horses. We firmly believe in his versatility beyond his discipline. There are so many varieties that it is hard to believe that we are talking about the same type of chair.

Of course, if you practice training, there is no doubt about it. Deep seat, long skirts, everything you need for a harmonious, light and elegant posture. Remember that the dressage chair is designed to provide a deep and balanced seat. Consider the dressage chair for free work, walks, a well-balanced used saddles for sale stands out on the shop, it allows a relaxed sitting and gives the horse freedom of movement.

Such dynamic disciplines

It's very simple, they tend to be lighter and specially to promote movement and balance at a time as compromised as show jumping. For example, look at the picture on the site to see what a saddle can do for you.

Racing saddles: light weight is not the main characteristic of dressage chairs (they should not be heavy), nor designed for a constant suspension posture. The same thing, there are many words if you look at the picture.

Cowgirl training: if yours is Cowgirl training or if you are hesitant to buy a cowgirl chair, we have already talked about it the whole rider or cowgirl is part of her art, the chair too. We declare ourselves admirers of our traditional equestrian culture.

The characteristics of a saddle from are quite long and the ideal is to visit the site and see its catalogue. But above all, to follow the advice of experts who cannot be neglected and who must be followed.

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